Meeting Assignments

We assign meeting tasks ahead of time. The reasons we do this is so that we can:
1) Make sure each member works towards their personal goals.
2) Each member is able to work through their speakers’ manual(s).
3) Every member is able to complete the projects in their leadership manual.
4) The meeting starts on time, flows in an organized manger and
ends on time.

Above all, with a well planned meeting, members are able to know what to do when and can focus on learning, listening and having a fun, positive, experience. Click here to see the Assignment Information.

At each meeting we follow an agenda. Click
here to see a sample of an Agenda

In The Beginning

When you first join, you will receive two (2) manuals – The Competent Communicator Manual and The Competent Leadership Manual. The following information will help you to better understand the educational opportunities and procedures offered to you.

> The speakers manual … The
Competent Communication Manual

> Next – learn what to do … When You Are The Speaker.

> HarborLites has their own method of tracking our members accomplishments. Click here to see a sample of our Speakers Achievement Chart.

> When you joined HarborLites, you also received the Leadership Manual. Click here to learn about … The Competent Leadership Manual.

> Just like our Speakers Achievement Chart, HarborLites has our own method of tracking our members accomplishments in the Leadership Manual. Click here to see a sample of our Leadership Achievement Chart.

> Instead of passing our Leadership manuals around, we have a special system. Click here to see our Charts Procedures.

Participating in all the Rolls

The following is a listing of the rolls in a HarborLites Club meeting. For each roll/task there is a sheet that describes the duties of the task. Simply click on the link and you’ll see a PDF page you can read – or print out if you want.

To the left is a list of all the various rolls that are part of a HarborLites meeting. Click on the ones you want to read and/or print out.