Learning and Improving Communication and Leadership Skills

Toastmasters is a safe place for anyone to learn how to speak in public and to learn leadership skills. Since 1958 HarborLites Toastmasters Club dedicated to the goals of helping our members in their goals of becoming a better communicator and a better leader.

These skills are learned by following the Toastmasters Manuals and procedures. Meetings have four parts.

Readings – This activity helps members to learn to read out loud.

Table Topics – These help members learn extemporaneous speaking and improve listening skills.

Speeches – Each meetings there will be 2 to 4 members giving a speech. Members follow manuals that provide assignments focusing on specific aspects of public speaking.

Evaluations – In this activity, members learn to really listen. Then learning members learn how to give valuable feedback, positive reinforcement and constrictive suggestions for improvement for the speakers. It is an important skill.

Membership Information

This section has information about how to become a member, new member profile form, the mentor’s program and the Toastmasters Promise. Click here for Membership Information.

Meeting Tasks, etc. — Major Rolls and Facilitators

On the left, there is a list of the major rolls and facilitators activities for each meeting plus a few items that are presented at each meeting. These activities are assigned before the meeting and performed by the members in attendance. Each one of these activities help the meeting to run smoothly. However, more importantly, it is all part of learning different speaking and leadership skills. Click here for Meeting Tasks

Officers Information, etc

Like any organization, a board of directors and/or officers need to perform leadership duties to see that specific tasks are done. These tasks include activities within the club and outside of HarborLites. Again, these are excellent speaking and leadership training activities. Click here for Officers Information.


Membership Information