Why Adam Joined HarborLites

My introduction to toastmasters began after being asked to be a “best man” in an upcoming wedding. I was honored to be asked, and then suddenly terrified because I knew that the “best man” traditionally gives a toast.

Having never gotten over my fear of public speaking I knew I needed to do something…. I joined HarborLites at the recommendation of a member, and couldn’t have been happier with that referral.
With a few months before the wedding I was able to practice four speeches and become more comfortable speaking in front of an audience. To my surprise, each speech was followed by helpful and encouraging feedback from the audience whose sole intention was to see me grow and become better. One of those speeches was used as a way to practice my toast the week before the wedding. I was able to make changes based on advice from club members and on the day of the wedding I was ready. Show time came and I wasn’t nervous.

Since I wasn’t afraid, I was given a gift of actually being excited to honor my friend and his new wife on their important day. The wedding is behind me and I am still a member. No matter what your goal or passion is a club like HarborLites will help not only with becoming a better speaker but help you become the best version of yourself.


HarborLites Toastmasters is proud to follow the guidance and the tradition of Toastmasters International. On this page you will find a general description of each segment listed on the header.

About Us and Videos

There are five parts to this section. These included an introduction, testimonials, videos, privacy policy and dues information and on how to contact us. Click here to go to the About Us section.

Members Information

This section is open to everyone to view. However it is designed to be information to help members understand the various tasks. The duties and descriptions of Toastmasters speaking and leadership educational objectives are described. Click here to go to the Members Information section.

The Beacon – Newsletter

This is a weekly recap of our meetings. It’s helpful to give prospective members an idea of what goes on at a meeting. Fun for those who were not able to attend. Click here to go to The Beacon.

Current Assignments

Here is a chart showing meeting assignments of member by date. This information is updated frequently. Members send emails or call when they need to make a change to an assignment. Click here to go to the Current Assignments section.

Meeting Agenda

This section shows samples of our agenda … how our meetings are usually conducted. The Toastmaster for the meeting may select from three different formats we use. Click here to go to the Meeting Agendas section.

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